About Optiphi

Optiphi is an Award Winning skincare brand affiliated with the Southern Medical Group.

Optiphi evolved from the expertise applied in the fields of wound care dressing, ointments and temporary skin substitutes. It is through this thorough understanding of the skin and its mechanisms, that Optiphi formulates and manufactures effective and results driven skincare.

The Name Optiphi speaks of their mission. ‘Opti’ meaning optimal concentrations of active ingredients working in synergy to deliver the best results, and ‘Phi’ meaning Positive Homeostatic Influence to manage the imbalances in the skin caused by internal and external stressors.

Optiphi Active Range:
The Optiphi Active Range is a focused range with niche products, which target specific skin concerns. The range is suitable for all skin types and can be easily incorporated into your current skincare routine.

Optiphi Classic Range:
Created for the consumer who prefers a simplified skincare routine and is striving for healthy skin with positive homeostatic balance.
The range provides an effective solution for preventing the signs of aging.

Optiphi Body Curve Range:
An advanced range of body products formulated to address the signs of aging on the body, often neglected , such as loss of skin density and tone, wrinkles, pigmentation and sun damage.

Optiphi Elements Range:
A range formulated specifically with young children and infants in mind. Ensuring to protect and maintain the optimal barrier function of the skin. Soothing, Nurturing and Nourishing Skincare for your littles ones fragile skin.

Optiphi Shave Range:
Optiphi Men’s Range is skincare simplified. With just two products to effectively balance, soothe and restore the skins barrier. This range is aimed at the man on the move who wants a targeted skincare routine, with minimal effort.

About Vitaderm

Vitaderm is at the forefront of the skin care industry and the premier provider of clinical skin care that delivers. Over the last 20 years, this South African brand developed a results-driven clinical skin care system to meet the diverse needs of consumers.

They have combined state-of-the-art ingredient technology with advanced nutriceuticals to offer a range of skin care items that is easy to use and offers visible results. To support the retail range of items, Vitaderm has developed high-performance professional treatments to elevate skin care regimes.

Vitaderm is passionate about improving skin health. Their development specialist applies the latest research in advanced active ingredients and natural resources to provide a high-quality skin care range. They have set the standard in developing and manufacturing clean formulations that are safe to use and gentle on the environment.

Formulation testing is performed on their own panel of volunteers to uphold the safety and effectiveness of each formulation while keeping their promise to the environment.

Vitaderm is forever against animal testing.

About Elim

Elim designed and formulated 3 innovative systems for hands, feet and body that would guarantee results.

They selected maximum actives and although they never compromise on a terrific experience, their aim is to create results.


MediHeel is a premium system to focus on your needs, whether it be heel fissures, bacterial infections, dry feet, nail fungus or painful and tired feet.


Specifically designed for aging and pigmented hands.

Our hands are constantly exposed to UV rays and UV lamps and the system contains all the actives to protect you from these harmful elements.

Considered the most advance Manicure system globally used in most of the Premium Spa’s and Salons.

Body Science:

The BodyScience System is a dramatic approach to increase skin elasticity and slow down ageing.

Pregnancy skin care is vital to reduce the harmful effects of stretch marks.

The unique soap-free approach guarantees results and increases the skin’s ability to stretch specifically during pregnancy and puberty.

The range is infused with anti-inflammatory agents which makes it ideal for dry, dehydrated or sunburned skin.


Elim Natura comes with Zero parabens, mineral oils, micro particles and is completely Vegan and Cruelty Free.  Although everything is natural, no compromises were made on the development side and the range still stands firm in its luxurious and premium identity.

About Matsimela

Matsimela Home Spa is an authentic South African brand which started out as a home grown business in 2005 by husband and wife team, Wayne and Olivia Nel. Empowering men and women to be self-sustainable is our goal, to allow our staff to nurture and grow in their respective positions. We are proud of our staff complement and view our business as a family.

Our love for mother nature and all the good inherent qualities of our beautiful country gave rise to a distinctly African brand with a distinctly African name. Matsimela is an Indigenous word meaning “roots” and originates from the African language, Sotho. We are returning to our roots in all that we do to enrich you with our African heritage.

Our Philosophy is to create a unique and ever-evolving product range that incorporates the finest natural ingredients selected for their beneficial properties. We endeavour to source & obtain our raw materials through Southern African based companies that in turn support local farms that produce our beautiful African Ubuntu oils & extracts. Our suppliers source oils from over 30 farmers throughout Africa and surrounding islands.

Whether the products are a spoil for yourself or someone special in your life, visit us at one of our stores or shop online. The Matsimela retail environments are classically African in look and feel, with stone clad walls, glass shelves and perspex-lit middle unit tables on which the product is displayed. Our stores call for a unique interactive African experience in which you, the consumer can willingly participate.

The Matsimela range of products is constantly growing and developing with the ethos of caring for yourself and the environment. Our “reduce ; reuse ; recycle” initiative is key and we encourage all our clients to participate and be environmentally savvy. With most products being ecofriendly based; free from harsh chemicals and preservatives you can ‘Be Well’ and experience something truly amazing.