A minimally invasive cosmetic treatment given through injections.

Botox is a highly purified biological agent that modifies muscle and sweat gland activity. It allows for the modification of facial expressions and appearance ( Like frown line softening), and the prevention of excessive sweating (Hyperhidrosis).

Botox is considered safe overall, for men and women.

Consultation | R690

Consultation fee is only applicable if no treatments are received

Forehead | Midline Frown/ Transverse LinesR900 – R2200

Softening of the lines on the forehead

Forehead | Entire ForeheadR1200 – R2900

Softening of the lines on the forehead

Eyebrow LiftR350 – R1000

Lifting on the outer corners of the brows to reveal a fresher more youthful eye appearance

Smile LinesR600 – R1800

Reduction in the ability to create creases around the eyes when smiling,. Softens the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Mouth and Lips | Lips OnlyR200 – R400

Softening of the downward pull on the lips

Mouth and Lips | Mouth AreaR400 – R1200

Lifting in the corners of the mouth and reduction of lines around the lips.

Chin AugmentationR350 – R690

Softening of the chin to provide a more feminine appearance

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