Express Manicure | 30 min Ladies: R 300 / Gents: R 280

A perfect maintenance treatment to keep the hands and fingernails nourished and looking Fresh. Consisting of a Hand Soak and Scrub, Nail and Cuticle Neaten, Hand lotion Application and A Morgan Taylor Nail Paint.

Indulgent Manicure | 55 min Ladies: R 430 / Gents: R 400

Exfoliate, Revitalize and Renew your hands with an Invigorating Soak and Scrub, Nail and Cuticle Maintenance, Nourishing Hand Mask with Heated Aromasoothz Mitts and Moisturising Hand Massage. Complete the transformation with a splash of Morgan Taylor Nail Lacquer.

Express Pedicure | 45 min Ladies: R 440 / Gents: R 390

Indulge your Feet with an Invigorating Foot Soak and Scrub, Nail and Cuticle Neaten, Foot Filing, Foot lotion Application and Morgan Taylor Nail Paint

Indulgent Pedicure | 60 min Ladies: R 480 / Gents: R 450

Indulge your feet in a pampering experience with a Customised Foot Scrub, Nail, Cuticle and Foot Maintenance, Nourishing Mask with Heated Aromasoothz Booties, Relaxing Foot Massage and a Morgan Taylor Nail Paint.

Deluxe Pedicure | 60 min Ladies: R 480 / Gents: R 450

The ultimate foot treatment for hard skin build-up. Foot Soak, AHA Scrub Exfoliation, Botanical-Infused Foot Massage and Mediheel peel for fresh and relaxed feet. Cuticles tidied, Nails Filed and Nail Polish Applied for Total Perfection.

Gel Overlay | 45 min R 290

Nail and Cuticle Neaten with a Gel Paint Application

Gel Soak Off | 30 min R 180

A Gentle Buff of the artificial nails, followed by a Gel-It Gel Removal Application and Cuticle Oil.

Nail Neaten and Paint | 20 min Ladies: R 130 / Gents: R 110

Nail and Cuticle Maintenance followed by a Nail Paint and Cuticle Oil application.


Foot Peel | 15mins R 170
Gel Paint | 20 mins R 120
Gel Soak Off | 30 mins R 160
Acrylic Soak Off | 45 mins R 190
Foot Massage | 20 mins R 220
Nail Art- Stamp | Per Nail R 10
Nail Art-Water Decal | Per Nail R 10

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