Aromatic Facial | 30 min R 430

Aromatic Facial | 60 min R 730

A Facial that leaves skin feeling rejuvenated and revitalized. Deep Exfoliation, followed by Aromatic Complexes, a Facial Massage and an appropriate Mask is applied to Hydrate the skin.

Vitaderm Advanced Facial | 90 min R 830

Specialized Skin Care Treatment, combining Essential Oils and Plant Extracts to offer the ultimate in Skin Radiance, including Skin Boosters, Advanced Masks and Herbal Extracts.

Vitaderm Peel | 45 min R 730

Highly effective as an Exfoliation and Skin-Boosting Treatment, with naturally – occurring fruit or lactic acid, which has the ability to revitalize your complexion.

Power Peel | 30 min 30%: R 660

Power Peel | 30 min 50%: R 710

The new Power Peel absorbs quicker and deeper and is easily tolerated. It also focuses on the Exfoliative Benefits, as well as Repair and Regeneration.

RegimA Acne Attack Treatment | 30 min R 620

Apply up-to-the-minute technology and ingredients in the application of this treatment. Incorporating a Salicylic Peel to target Problematic and Congested skin, results are Clarity, Smoothness and Inflammation Control.

RegimA Initiation Peel | 30 min R 610

Helps introduce the skin to peels. Created for individuals who have not undergone skin peels previously, or may have a very sensitive/damaged skin and may be nervous about the experience.

Optiphi Active Skin Rejuvenation | 30 min R 610

Optiphi Active Skin Rejuvenation | 60 min R 780

Glycolic acid superficial peel targets the treatment of Pigmentation, Premature aging, Enlarged pores, Superficial Thread veins, Scarring and the overall health of the skin. Leaves the skin feeling Smooth and looking Radiant.

Classic Indulgent Facial Treatment | 60 min R 860

Classic Indulgent Facial Treatment | 90 min R 970

A Customizable Facial suitable for even the most sensitive of skins. This advanced treatment targets a multitude of skin concerns. A luxurious experience including Targeted Serums, Advanced Exfoliation and results driven Masks, to Condition and Boost for a Radiant Complexion.

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