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Rejuvenate, Revitalize and  Refresh the Delicate Eye Area.

Eye Slices are are instantly cooling on the skin. Once applied, allow 5 minutes for your body heat to warm up the gels pads. Once they warm up, they slowly release moisture and active ingredients into the skin. There is no sticky residue or extra liquid in the packs. All the moisture and active ingredients are encapsulated into the gel pads and effectively released into the skin.

Thereafter, apply your Aromasoothz Soothing Eye Pillow either heated or cooled… This alleviates headaches, migraines & puffy eyes. It fits snugly around facial curves and the weight of the eye pillow gently presses on acupoints in the eye area. This helps to relieve nervous tension, alleviate migraines or headaches, reduce swelling and assist with insomnia.